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Casambi Bluetooth Unit

Bluetooth enhet för styrning med 0-10V eller DALI kompatibla don/drivers.


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CASAMBi funktioner med blueutooth

  • Form automatically a wireless mesh network with the other Casambi products.
  • Wireless control via the free Casambi app for smart phones and tablets.
  • Integrate the use of regular wall switches for dimming and scene control.
  • Support for external on/off motion sensors.

The solution is scalable — it is possible to use a single Casambi product to control one luminaire or several Casambi products to create a perfect light control system.

Being a member of the Casambi solution, each product uses the Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network to control and manage the luminaires. The strength of the mesh network is the perfect control of multiple luminaires in a same network without gateways, routers, repeaters or extra wiring.

The Casambi family of products uses Bluetooth Low Energy to form the direct connection and interaction between a mobile device and the luminaires.

Free Casambi App support following features:

  • Dimming of single or multiple luminaires with simple touch gestures.
  • Control luminaires visually directly from pictures of your shop, offices or personal rooms.
  • Set up simple or complex scenarios with single or multiple luminaires in them. All the luminaires in one scene can have different light levels, colours and colour temperatures.
  • Define the security of the network. There are four different security levels for access control.
  • Support also Philips HUE
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